Meet Corressa Marie​​

Hello, Beautiful people. Welcome to my blog.

My Name is Corressa Marie. I'm from Chicago Il.
First I'll like to say Thank you for visiting my blog. It's a work in process. So I started this blog back in January of this year 2016. I wanted to start a blog for the longest time. But once I started the Blog I was terrified. Lol.... I was like what  would I write about? Who will read it? And who would care? But, after months of overthinking because that's what I do. It finally settles in that I shouldn't care about the what if's and the maybe's and just take the jump. Leap into it with faith. If at first you don't succeed dust yourself off and try again. Right? That's what Aaliyah said. I try and lift myself and my spirit up with those great words every now and again.  Or maybe there was a whisper saying Dare to begin. So, I started, and it feels pretty darn good.

 Well, who is Corressa Marie a little backstory? I grew up in Rogers Park area which is on the northside of Chicago. My Childhood was pretty great. Graduated from Amundsen HighSchool. Right after Highschool, I went to IADT for Fashion and Interior decorating. I only stayed for a year and a half. I felt like if I already had the talent in that field that it was too expensive to learn things I already knew that was the 19-year-old me. Fast forward to now I've worked in many areas nothing that I was quite passionate about. So recently I just took another leap of faith with my up and coming interior decorating stylist business. I'm hoping for nothing but great things. I will talk more about my business in one of my blog columns. So please stay tuned for that. 

I met the love of my life in high school, we have been together
18years and married 13. We have 4kids.  Family life is imperative to me. I'm very laid back. I love artsy things. As far as decorating it's my favorite I change my home around at least 20 times a year. Lol.... That might be a little over exaggerated. I watch a lot of movies some reality T.V. Oh I'm five months in Vegetarian. I was such a food lover before that. I'm currently back in school trying to accomplish some of my long list of goals that I have had on the back burner. I've always had a passion for helping others and uplifting in any way possible.

This Blog doesn't have a particular route yet. As of now, I'll be blogging about whatever comes to mind. Things to keep you uplifted, fashion, decorating, hair, books, movies, current event.  My interest. Please follow, and I'm open to suggestions.
Decorating Stylist
Picture Blogger​​

I have an up and coming business that I'm still adding the finishing touches too. I have done some business with my brand but wasn't satisfied with the marketing. Plus you can't succeed in life without failure.  Please check out my page on Facebook Revamp CC interior stylist and decor

Although I'm very new to Blog writing, I do have some years experiences in photo blogging. I had a picture blog on Facebook for a couple of years. Currently, I have an inspiring decorating blog on Instagram fallinlovewithdecor. Be sure to follow me there if you're looking for some decorating inspiration.