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                                                   5 Great things to keep up with for the New Year

Me Time Matters,
Personal time is way too valuable when it comes to happiness. We as individuals need to take some time out to keep learning ourselves. Sometimes we lose ourselves in how hectic everyday life can be. We have so many tasks that when we start feeling down and stressing it's because nine times out of ten we took ourselves out of the equation of everyday live to please everyone else. So please take time out of every day to do things you love rather that is praying, meditating, taking a bath. Dream, Love, Feel free, Relax and be happy.

Healthy Eating,
Try to cut the crap out of eating and try to eat healthily. Ditch the fast food and cook up something delicious and healthy. Some of us work and stopping to get something fast to eat the norm. Try something different and cook a week's worth of healthy food and meal prep. Meal prepping healthy delicious meals will keep you from grabbing the unhealthy foods and junk. Try making  Healthy eating a lifestyle.

While exercise is easy for some, some of us struggle with exercise. Let's take baby steps into exercising so that it can become a regular part of our lifestyle. Exercising can consist of many things playing with your kids, ditching your car to walk, cardio, etc. You can do 10 to 15 minutes a day or 3 to 4 days a week. Just add it as a priority for 2017.

Save and Budget,
Save as much as you can. Budget, as much as you can. Some may wonder why would I do that or who wants to do that.... Well guess what we all have to and we all should. Take the time out to write down your monthly expenses including miscellaneous expenses as well. Add them up and calculate what's left over to take a portion each month and place it in your saving account or save it somewhere at home whatever is best for you. When it comes to shopping, try to shop when there are deals or tries couponing. But, just make sure you save and budget.

I believe everyone should go somewhere outside of the state at least once a year.  Get a passport travel outside the country. Plan your trip as early as possible. The beginning of the year is always the best time. This gives you time to research and plan for the best deals. Travel with family, friends or even along. Go out and see what else this world has to offer.